President Obama Tells Diane Sawyer He Does “A Lot of Praying”

ABC News' Karen Travers reports:

In an interview with Diane Sawyer about Libya, President Obama said he does “a lot of praying,” every night before he goes to bed.

“I am praying that I'm making the best possible decisions, and that I've got the strength to serve the American people well,” he said.

The president acknowledged that the long list of policy challenges, at home and abroad, are keeping him “pretty busy” but that it is his job is to manage the nation’s problems and crises.

“We've had more than our fair share,” he said. “I’m assuming that in future years, things level out a little bit. But in the meantime, this is why I have to do something about the bags under my eyes.”

The president got in a subtle jab at his critics who took issue with him filling out an NCAA bracket with so much on his plate.

“You know a lot of folks focused on the fact that I filled out my bracket,” he said. “Obviously, I hadn't been spending that much time studying it since I don't have anybody in the Final Four.”

With a nod to Sawyer’s Bluegrass State roots, Obama offered congratulations to the Kentucky Wildcats on making it to the Final Four.

For the meat of the interview and what the President said on Libya, click HERE .

- Karen Travers

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