The Presidential Planner

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

President Obama will start his day with his regular rounds of morning briefings in the Oval Office.

In the afternoon, Mr. Obama will meet privately with USAID Administrator Raj Shah in the Oval Office to "discuss USAID humanitarian assistance efforts including those in the Middle East, Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan and Pakistan and the disaster assistance being provided to the Japanese government as they respond to the recent major earthquake and tsunami."

Later in the afternoon, the President will accept an award from a coalition of good government groups and transparency advocates in conjunction with Sunshine Week, on transparency in government.

Later, the President and the Vice President will meet with behind-closed-doors with Secretary of Defense Gates in the Oval Office.

In the evening, the President will deliver remarks at a DNC event in Washington, DC, his second fundraising event of the week.

-Sunlen Miller

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