McChrystal & Tillman, the ISI & the CIA: Today's Qs for O's WH - 4/12/2011

TAPPER: Jay, what's the White House's response to critics who say that, because of his role in the cover-up of how Pat Tillman actually died and the pain that he caused to the family of Pat Tillman, that General McChrystal should not be on any sort of advisory committee having to do with military families?

CARNEY: Jake, the president feels strongly that General McChrystal is the right person to help lead this advisory committee on this vital issue on -- that this administration, this president, this first lady, Dr. Biden, all believe -- and, of course, the vice president -- all believe is vitally important, because we have now been in a situation where we have been -- we have had our men and women overseas in wars for a decade.

And it's important to do everything we can to remind Americans who aren't directly affected, who don't have a loved one in theater, that there is a need to support those families who do, that this is an effort that should involve all of us. And that's what the initiative is about. And General McChrystal is a -- is an excellent choice to help oversee that effort.

TAPPER: Is the president aware of the role that General McChrystal played in the cover-up when Pat Tillman died?

CARNEY: Jake, I'm -- he is aware of -- very aware, having worked closely with General McChrystal, for a -- you know, for some time, of the general's resume.

TAPPER: Could you talk to us a little bit about the relationship between the CIA and the ISI and the U.S. and Pakistan, given –

CARNEY: You want me to talk about -- (chuckling) -- the CIA and -- OK -- and see if I can get fired?

TAPPER: Are there strains between the United States and Pakistan's government right now that are inhibiting counterterrorism efforts?

CARNEY: The -- Jake, what I'll say is that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States is very important. The cooperation between our two countries and governments is -- continues, has been important and continues to this day. We are engaged in a shared goal of defeating insurgents and terrorist groups, and that cooperation continues to this day. You know obviously that I can't discus specifics about intelligence operations, but I can tell you that the cooperation between our two countries is important and continues.

-Jake Tapper

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