Michelle Obama's Plane Forced to Abort Landing Due to Mistake

ABC News' Lisa Stark, Pierre Thomas, Sunlen Miller and Ben Forer report:

First lady Michelle Obama's plane, dubbed “Executive One Foxtrot” had to abort its landing at the Joint Base Andrews after it came closer to another military plane than it should have, officials said.

The first lady's plane didn't have as much "separation" from a military jet as it should have when approaching Andrews Air Force base, an administration source said. It was three miles away from the military jet, Federal Aviation Administration officials told ABC News, whereas the standard distance is five miles.

Air traffic controllers told the plane's pilot to do a standard go-around and circle for additional time to create the appropriate distance, which they did, and there was no panic caused by the incident.

Mrs. Obama was returning from an appearance on ABC’s “The View” with Jill Biden, taped on Monday morning. Afterwards she did a few events in the NY areas and then returned back to Washington DC, when the incident happened in the late afternoon.

The incident comes at a time when air traffic controllers are already under scrutiny.

More here.

-Lisa Stark, Pierre Thomas, Sunlen Miller and Ben Forer

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