White House Calls Birther Claims a “Distraction”

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports:

Faced with critics, like most recently Donald Trump , who are calling for the White House to release President Obama’s birth certificate, the White House declared today that this is a “settled issue” and lingering questions are just a “distraction.”

“We have a lot of problems confronting us,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said when asked about the “birther” claims at today’s briefing, “it’s an unfortunate distraction from the issues that I think most Americans care about.

The White House is dubbing this a “settled issue.”

“The birth certificate that the campaign put up online has been available for everyone to see around the globe,” Carney said from the White House podium today, “ It's the same birth certificate you get to get a driver's license and so on. Anybody who was born in Hawaii who asks for their birth certificate gets the same thing that we -- this -- the campaign and the White House has provided to the press.”

-Sunlen Miller

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