A President and a Prime Minister Play Ping Pong

From Sunlen Miller ( @sunlenmiller )

What do you get when you combine a President, a Prime Minister, and a ping pong table?

Some pretty bad table tennis.

While visiting the Globe Academy this afternoon in London President Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron challenged a few students to a few minutes of ping pong.

“Who wants to take me on,” President Obama said as he walked into the student’s gym with his suit jacket off and his shirt sleeves already rolled up.

Two boys dressed in the school’s uniform volunteered to take on both leaders. A pretty funny game of doubles ensued.

Prime Minister Cameron hit the first two of three shots either into the net or out of bounds.

"We may to switch it up," said Obama sensing the talent of his teammate, "You can't have the old guys against the young guys."

But they didn’t switch teams, which led to some pretty healthy teasing by President Obama to the British Prime Minister.

“I think you just don’t realize your own strength,” Obama said to Cameron when he overshot the ball, losing the point for their team, “I feel bad for the Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister picked up his game for one point.

“Our first point,” Obama exclaimed when the two scored for the first time. They then exchanged a high five.

Prime Minister Cameron flubbed the very next shot.

“Tennis is his sport,” Obama quipped.

The president then remarked that one of the students on the other team was playing with his hand in his pocket.

To his credit President Obama clearly knew his way around a ping pong table – but missed many shots as well. Just not as many as Cameron.

-Sunlen Miller

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