Game Faces for White House Officials Saturday Night at Correspondents Dinner

At the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night, White House officials had to put on their game faces. The risky and dangerous military operation originally had been scheduled to Saturday, but had been pushed to Sunday because of weather.

Poking fun at C-SPAN’s low ratings, comedian Seth Meyers joked that Osama bin Laden had a daily afternoon show on the cable channel.

But at the dinner, officials ranging from President Obama to CIA director Leon Panetta to White House chief of staff Bill Daley to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen acted as if nothing at all was on their minds.

Sitting with the ABC News table, Daley showed no reaction when actor Eric Stonestreet of ABC’s “Modern Family” received a disappointing email that his White House tour scheduled for Sunday had been canceled.

Others at the table turned to Daley to ask him why, to see if something big was going on.

Daley said, "I dunno, maybe a pipe broke.”

The real reason, of course, was that all White House tours had been canceled since the administration didn’t want to arouse any suspicions when tourists saw Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Panetta buzzing around.

-Jake Tapper

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