White House Calls April Jobs Report ‘Good News’

ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports:

The White House is calling April's employment report "good news."

The private sector added 268,000 jobs in April, the 14 consecutive month of private sector job growth. Despite the good news, the nation’s unemployment rate rose slightly to 9.0 percent. Upward revisions to both February and March's results added another 46,000 jobs to the previous totals.

In an exchange with reporters aboard Air Force One, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Jay Carney described April’s employment report as "very solid." Carney did note that more improvement is needed.

More notes from Carney’s gaggle:

More Ft. Campbell

The president and vice president will be visiting with members of the 101st Airborne Division today in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Carney said it’s extremely important that he not reveal to reporters the role or identity of the special operators involved in the Bin Laden mission that POTUS will meet with today.

Carney told reporters not to expect the president to spike the ball or gloat when he talks to troops today.

"The point he will make is that while the successful mission against Osama bin Laden was an historic and singular event, it does not by any means mean that we are finished with the war against Al Qaeda. The fight goes on."

Bin Laden retaliation

Carney said the White House is aware of the Al Arabia report that al Qaeda is threatening to attack the U.S. in retaliation for killing bin Laden and that the U.S. is being extremely vigilant.

Debt negotiations

Carney described Vice President Biden’s meeting yesterday with Congressional leaders about the debt as productive. "It is important that those who participated understand that in order to find compromise, we need to find common ground," said Carney.

Next week’s immigration speech

Carney said the speech will reflect the president’s commitment to find a bipartisan way to have comprehensive immigration reform. "The fact that we were not able to achieve that in the first two years only means we need to refocus our efforts and try to find compromise."

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