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ABC News' Mary Bruce Reports: Following a spate of poor economic indicators, the president will head to Durham, N.C., today to meet with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council to receive their input on ways to spur economic growth and promote job creation.

According the White House, the council will propose ideas for short, medium and long-term job creation, with a focus on high growth sectors.

“We've been at work for the past 90 days to develop recommendations for a series of immediate, actionable steps to accelerate job creation. Today we are presenting an initial ‘progress report’ to the president that includes a series of steps that can help spur hiring in the short term in areas like construction, manufacturing, health care and tourism,” head of the Jobs Council, GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt wrote in an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal.

“No single idea, however well-conceived, will solve our nation's employment challenge. So we're taking a comprehensive approach with eight teams focused on specific areas such as skills and training, regulatory reform, and innovation,” he wrote.

Before meeting with the Council, Obama will tour Cree, Inc., a manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting. Later in the afternoon the president will address Cree workers.

This is not the president’s first trip to Cree. He visited the manufacturer during the 2008 campaign.

In the evening, Obama will travel to Miami, Fla., to deliver remarks at three DNC fundraisers.

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