Obama, Romney Camps Spar Via Twitter Over Debt Debate

ABC News’ Mary Bruce ( @marykbruce ) and Emily Friedman ( @emilyABC ) report:

While President Obama remains mired in the stalled White House debt negotiations, his 2012 campaign advisor David Axelrod is goading Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney to comment on the deficit debate.

“Anyone heard from Mitt Romney lately? Where is he on McConnell plan? On the debt talks? On the impact of a default? Why so quiet?” Axelrod asked this afternoon on Twitter as negotiators ready for the fourth round of debt talks in as many days.

The Romney camp fired back with a tweet from Senior Advisor Eric Fehrnstrom : “I have a question for @davidaxelrod : Where are the jobs? We're not just on wrong track; it feels like we're tied to the tracks.”

Romney has laid low this week compared to his fellow Republican candidates, releasing just one paper statement on the stalemate in Washington over how to raise the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by August 2. Romney is scheduled to hold a series of events in New Hampshire on Thursday.

“President Obama is responsible for frightening new levels of federal spending and deficits,” Romney said in a Monday statement. “As a result, the nation has amassed an unheard-of level of debt that imperils our financial standing in the world. I’ve never seen an enterprise in more desperate need of a turnaround than the U.S. government. We cannot lose sight of the need to move the President toward meaningful fiscal responsibility. A vote on raising the debt ceiling has to be accompanied by a major effort to restructure and reduce the size of government.”

Axelrod first called out Romney for refusing “to even address the issue” in a blog posted on Obama’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Tim Pawlenty called on Congress to ‘draw a line in the sand,’ even if it means that the United States fails to meet its legal obligations for the first time in our history. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann vowed to oppose any vote to address the debt ceiling that could help avoid an unthinkable default on the national debt,” Axelrod wrote. “And as the Wall Street Journal reported this morning, one candidate, Governor Romney, has refused to even address the issue.”

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