13 Pieces of Campaign Advice for Young Reporters

No. 13 - Do not rely upon the hotel wake-up call. And dont forget time zones.

No. 12 - "the news was first reported by (reporter) of (rival organization)." Do it. Applies to blogs too.

No. 11 - Someone somewhere thinks things you say and do are interesting + reportable.

No. 10 - Don't send that angry email. Save it. And then reconsider in the morning. You’re exhausted.

No 9 - Food that is plentiful and seemingly free does not = non-fattening.

No 8 - Even the people who you like and trust on the campaign will lie to you.

No 7 - Be the reporter challenging false claim by candidate. + if you’re not, be the one who follows up.

No 6 - If you make it to South Carolina without being yelled at by the campaign you’re not doing your job.

No 5 - Keep your eyes peeled. I met my future wife at the Chequers Pub at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.

No 4 - Charge every piece of equipment any chance you get.

No 3 - I know it's a pain, but keep track of those receipts and file every week. Just do it. I swear.

No 2 - More campaign advice for young reporters: befriend the photographers/cameramen.

No 1 - Young reporters gearing up for campaign coverage, I have two words: neck pillow.

-Jake Tapper ( @jaketapper )

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