Quake Tremors Reach Obama on Vineyard, But He Didn't Feel Them

ABC News' Stephanie Z. Smith reports:

President Obama was playing golf today at the Farm Neck Golf Course on Martha’s Vineyard when the 5.8 earthquake hit the east coast, but he didn't feel the tremor, a White House spokesman said.

Many residents and vacationers on the island felt a swaying for about 15 seconds, including the White House press corps working out of a hotel in Vineyard Haven.

The quake hit at 1:51 pm eastern time and the president, while on the golf course, had a conference call an hour later, according to Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest. The call included DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, Senior Science Advisor for Earthquake and Geologic Hazards with the Department of Interior Dr. David Applegate, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Greg Jaczko, Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Heidi Avery, and Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough to discuss the earthquake and status of critical infrastructure, according to Earnest. Per the written statement, Mr. Obama was told that there were “no initial reports of major infrastructure damage, including at airports and nuclear facilities and that there were currently no requests for assistance.” The President will be getting regular updates on the situation, the White House spokesman said.

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