Obama Arrives on Vacation Wtih Bo, Encounters Red Sox Baby

ABC News' David Kerley reports:

President Obama arrived in Martha’s Vineyard about 6:00pm Thursday. The First Lady and his daughters were not with him. They had arrived earlier on the island off the Massachusetts coast.

But the President was not alone on Air Force One on the flight to Cape Cod, and on the Marine One flight to the Vineyard. Bo, the First Dog, traveled with the President and will enjoy the 28 acres of the Blue Heron Farm which the Obama’s have rented for 10 days.

At the airport, the president greeted some onlookers and cradled a baby.

“I don’t usually hang out with Red Sox fans,” said the president, who roots for the White Sox. The child was wearing a Red Sox baby outfit.

“Here, We’ve got two more,” said a woman who appeared to be the baby’s mother. “He’s a triplet.”

The president will have to hang out with some Red Sox fans on Martha’s Vineyard, which is in Massachusetts.

Watch president Obama’s previous encounter with babies on the rope line.

It will be a working-vacation for the President. The White House told reporters today that the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council will travel to Martha’s Vineyard to meet with the President on his new jobs program next week. The President’s counter-terrorism chief, John Brennan, is traveling with Mr. Obama and will work national security issues during the vacation.

The White House tells ABC News the President won’t be pulling all-nighters working on his jobs plan and speech which he will deliver after Labor Day. But this will be a work-cation for the President who has seen his approval ratings at an all time low. White House Spokesman John Earnest said on Air Force One on the way to island, “What the president is going to put forward in September is a package of new ideas that builds on the ideas that we've already been talking about for some time and some ideas that have bipartisan support, including patent reform."

The President arrives to a sunny, comfortable Martha’s Vineyard. “Oh, that’s today?” The answer from a visitor to Martha’s Vineyard who was asked what he thinks about President Obama and his family coming to Martha’s Vineyard tonight. Many here are democrats and supporters of the President. One server at a local restaurant said she doesn’t blame the President for the state of the economy and the slow recovery. “It started before he got into office,” she said.

The President’s visit seems to be getting less attention than the past two years. And we could see less of the President on the island. Mr. Obama has been criticized by some for taking a vacation with the jobless rate at 9.1% and the stock market acting like a pogo stick.

Read more about the President’s vacation.

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