Vacationing Obama Calls CEOs for Ideas on New Jobs Plan

ABC News' David Kerley ( @David_Kerley) reports:

On a day that the Congressional Budget Office predicted slow economic growth, and an unemployment rate still over 8% by the end of next year, the White House says the President continues to work on his new jobs plan during his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. And the President is taking some advice.

This morning Mr. Obama talked to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt and American Express CEO Ken Chenault, who both serve on the President’s Jobs Council. Some of their ideas: find ways to increase he number of college educated engineers, and putting construction workers to work retrofitting old buildings to make them more energy efficient.

'Stimulus' may be a dirty word in Washington, but it will be part of the President’s new jobs plan.

“We're going to have some additional ideas that should have some bipartisan support,” Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told the traveling White House Press Corps in Martha’s Vineyard. But that’s exactly what the White House has said for months now, only to have Republicans refuse to play ball.

“And the president's articulated his frustration about that. He's pointed out that the American people voted for divided government, but they didn't vote for dysfunctional government,” Earnest said.

The President was briefed this morning by Brian Deese of his economic team. Earnest says that team is still working on the nuts and bolts of the plan.

The White House says the President’s plan will have “aspects that will be new” including efforts to cut more than $1.5 trillion the Congressional “Super Committee” has been tasked with cutting. The speech is still planned for “shortly after” Labor Day.

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