Giuliani Takes Another Step Toward 2008 White House Run

ABC News' David Chalian Reports: In yet another sign that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani may be leaning in favor of making a full-blown run for the White House, the Giuliani exploratory committee has launched a brand new Web site with the hopes of attracting donors, activists, and potential voters. makes it abundantly clear around which attributes Team Giuliani plans to build the former mayor's candidacy. "Proven Leadership," reads the banner headline across the home page of the Web site - an echo of the main theme and title of Giuliani's best selling book.

Giuliani's path to the Republican nomination has been widely viewed as difficult at best due to his positions on hot button social issues that are far more liberal than those held by many of the social conservatives in the Republican Party who tend to vote in significant numbers in the early caucuses and primaries. You won't find Giuliani touting those positions on the new Web site, however.

Instead, you will find Giuliani selling his crime fighting, tax cutting, and welfare reforming credentials to potential supporters.

By launching the Web site, Giuliani and his advisers are delving a bit deeper into the nuts and bolts of trying to organize a potential presidential campaign. This comes on the heels of hiring veteran GOP political operative Mike DuHaime away from the Republican National Committee to head up the committee's efforts and just hours before Giuliani heads to a Midtown Manhattan hotel for his exploratory committee's first fundraiser -- and first big test of his financial viability as a candidate, should he decide to run.

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