Grassroots Group Pushes Obama to Go in '08

ABC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: A television ad encouraging Illinois Senator Barrack Obama to run for president will begin airing in New Hampshire and Washington, DC next week.

The website announced Wednesday that it is sponsoring a 60 second commercial with the goal of getting the first term Senator to run for the 2008 Democratic nomination for president.

"We want to show Senator Obama that there is a rapidly growing movement out there ready to support him if he runs for President," the founder of said in a statement.

The ad entitled "Believe Again" was produced by Democratic media consultant Bud Jackson who was behind the "Draft Wesley Clark" TV ads which were part of the 2004 grassroots campaign encouraging the former General to get into the 2004 presidential race.

Although Obama has said he is still making up his mind about whether he will run in '08, the Senator drew enormous media attention when he visited New Hampshire last weekend--the state which hosts the nation's first presidential primary.

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