Is Obama Taking All the 2008 Oxygen?

ABC's Tahman Bradley Reports: Obama-mania swept through first-in-the-nation New Hampshire this weekend. For an example of what a Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) run for president means for all of the possible Democratic candidates not named Hillary Clinton look no further than a weekend rally held by Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN).

A frequent visitor to the state which hosts the nation's first presidential primary, Bayh was in New Hampshire at the Manchester conference center Friday night, the Associated Press reports.>LINK

Bayh's trip gained, uhm, somewhat less attention than the roughly 150 members of the media who traveled to the Granite State to cover Obama. At the very least, Sen. Bayh's line in his stump speech describing the race for the White House as being about far more than fame and money might get some play in those Obama and Clinton stories sure to dominate the landscape for foreseeable future.

And Sen. Obama doesn't seem at all inclined to cede the spotlight, just yet. He plans to make an appearance on ESPN's Monday Night Football tonight. The game features Obama's hometown Chicago Bears facing the St. Louis Rams.

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