Bush '41 Hospitalized for Dehydration

ABC News' Eloise Harper, Ann Compton and Karen Travers Report: Former President H.W. Bush, 82, has been released from hospital today after being treated for dehydration and held overnight for observation at the Eisenhower Medical Center in California.

The former president's press secretary confirms to ABC News that he was hospitalized after playing golf yesterday in California in 94 degree weather, becoming dizzy and fainting from dehydration.

His office says Bush '41 plans to stick to his schedule and will deliver a speech tonight in Los Angeles, California.

Former President George H.W. Bush recently had hip replacement surgery but prides himself in his physical fitness.  He told ABC's Ann Compton last month he still intends to parachute from a plane on a future birthday, as he did at ages 75 and 80.

The President, who is traveling in South America, was informed last night before boarding Air Force One in Bogota, Columbia that his father had gone to the hospital, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino tells ABC News.

She said President George W. Bush spoke to his father from the flight to Guatemala, and referred journalists to a press release from the medical center that says he is fine and resuming his full schedule today.

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