Bush Rallies Troops On War's Anniversary

ABC News' Jon Garcia Reports: President Bush marked the beginning of the fifth year of the Iraq War with a late-minute statement and a couple of calls to U.S. military personnel. "The fight is difficult, but it can be won.  It will be won if we have the courage and resolve to see it through," Bush said from Roosevelt Room in the West Wing Monday morning.  His statement to the press was a very late addition to the schedule and White House officials confirm the decision to even make a statement wasn't formalized until this past weekend.To supplement his short address, Bush also called two Marines who recently returned from Iraq to thank them for their service and thank their families too.  Staff Sgt. Michael Elkins and Cpl. Keith Crews both got separate phone calls from the Commander-in-Chief at around 4:35 pm Monday. Elkins and Crew were back in their quarters in Camp Lejune, NC after recently returning from serving in al-Anbar province. Elkins was a convoy commander and Crews served as a vehicle commander, gunner and a driver. A White House spokesperson said the two were chosen because they were exemplary Marines.  The spokesman added Crews couldn't pass up the rare opportunity to speak with Bush without sharing the event.With Bush still on the line, Crews passed the phone to his roommate, Cpl. Matthew Newman, to whom Bush passed along his thanks, the spokesman said.

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