Cheney Revs Up The Troops

ABC News' John Parkinson Reports: Fresh from a twenty-plus thousand mile trip overseas with surprise stops in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Vice President Dick Cheney addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday night in Washington, telling the conservative jamboree that defense and homeland security are the most pressing issues facing Americans.

Despite growing unrest over the Iraq war in Congress and amidst the American public, Cheney said he expects the House and Senate to support President Bush's new strategy in Iraq by approving an upcoming bill that provides emergency funding for the troops.

"I sincerely hope the discussion this time will be about winning in Iraq, not about posturing on Capitol Hill," Cheney declared. "Anyone can say they support the troops, and we should take them at their word, but the proof will come when it's time to provide the money and the support."

Cheney added, "If you support the war on terror, it only makes sense to support it where the terrorists are fighting us."

While his remarks to CPAC focused principally on the war on terror, the vice president also spoke at length about numerous domestic issues, including the Bush administration's economic policies.

Cheney encouraged Congress to make Bush's tax cuts permanent, get earmarks under control and to use restraint when spending federal tax dollars.

"I know we've got some Democrats with big ideas for taxes they want to raise," Cheney proclaimed, stoking the friendly crowd. "They ought to realize that no nation has ever taxed its way to prosperity."

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