Clinton Proposes New GI Bill of Rights

ABC News' Paul Fidalgo Reports: In an address to the Center for American Progress Thursday, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., called for strong and immediate action to meet the nation's responsibilities to its military veterans, and announced new legislative initiatives designed to address problems in providing adequate health care to veterans.

Clinton labeled her coming legislation "a new GI Bill of Rights," that would take steps to "fix the process that determines medical compensation for injured troops," provide assistance to the guardians of children whose parents are killed in combat, and screen troops for physical and mental conditions before deployment.

"Because of what has now come to light," said Clinton, referring to the reports of outpatient neglect from Walter Reed and other military medical facilities, "we can finally focus attention -- of the Congress and the country -- about what we need to do to try to fix the problems that have been identified."

According to Sen. Clinton, roadblocks being met by veterans trying to receive medical and psychological care are the result of a "broken bureaucracy," an overtaxed military, and "presidential leadership that is missing in action." Clinton further focused her critical eye on the Bush administration, calling the Walter Reed reports "the latest pointed example in a constellation of disgraceful episodes" due to "a failure of planning, a failure of priorities, and a failure to achieve results," on the part of the administration.

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