Fred Thompson 2008: A Matter of When -- Not If

ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports: Fred Thompson's top cheerleader on Capitol Hill -- Rep. Zach Wamp, R-Tenn. -- said Wednesday that the former Republican senator's entrance into the 2008 presidential race is a matter of when -- not if.

Wamp offered his assessment that Thompson is going to jump into the presidential race after the Law & Order actor met at the Capitol Hill Club with 50 to 60 House Republicans.

Among the many questions that Thompson faced from the members of Congress he met with were ones about his divorce and his faith. Wamp told ABC News that Thompson said that he is in "excellent standing with everyone important in his life, including his first wife . . . and the man upstairs."

Multiple House Republicans who attended the hour-long Q&A session with Thompson gushed over him as someone who "checks all the boxes" in a way that the current crop of leading Republican contenders do not.

There were few specifics on the Iraq war, based on the accounts offered from members of Congress who attended the meeting. Thompson simply said, according to Wamp, that America faces a choice between a dangerous world and an even more dangerous world if it leaves Iraq.

Nevertheless, several House Republicans who attended today’s meeting seemed to think that he had the charisma, communication skills, and Reaganesque bearing to bring the country together and lead it in a time of war.

Thompson himself made brief comments outside of the Capitol Hill Club, saying simply that he wanted to see some of his old friends and to tell them what was on his mind. Thompson did not take questions from the press and quickly climbed into an awaiting GMC Envoy.

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