Romney 'Absolutely Wrong' on 'Secret' Timetables, Hunter Says

ABC News' Teddy Davis Reports: Mitt Romney's morning show embrace of private "timetables" for U.S. involvement in Iraq has drawn fire from a rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

"Romney is absolutely wrong in recommending a secret timetable," Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., tells ABC News in a telephone interview while campaigning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. "Secret timetables are bad because in the end they all become public and the enemy uses them to estimate the limit on America’s endurance."

Hunter, who is a Vietnam veteran and a former chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, thinks the U.S. can achieve a "successful exit" from Iraq if it accelerates the on-going rotation of Iraqi battalions currently stationed in peaceful parts of Iraq into Baghdad and other contentious zones.

"The key to a successful American exit from Iraq," said Hunter, "is the stand-up and deployment of the Iraqi military."

Hunter, who raised $500,000 in the first quarter as compared to Romney's $21 million, is basing his candidacy on his support for an "enforceable border," a "strong national defense," and a commitment to "bringing back high-paying manufacturing jobs" by revamping U.S. trade policies.

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