Former Prez Stumps for his First Lady

ABC News' Eloise Harper and Sunlen Miller Report: Former President Bill Clinton launched his first on-camera video plea to potential voters on behalf of his wife Monday.

"I am really proud of the way Hillary's campaign's going about the big goals she is setting for Americans and how she plans to achieve them," Clinton says on a video the campaign describes as a "HILLCAST".

Throughout the video, Clinton gives viewers a sense of his wife's life before the 2008 campaign. He talks about when they met in law school and her interest in public service. 

Clinton says his wife is respected around the world and discusses her work in Africa and India on behalf of women. He down plays his current role in the campaign, saying, "now that she's in public office ... I'm just in public service."

He tells viewers Hillary is able to work with both Democrats and Republicans and has the "best combination of mind and heart." Soft, presidential music plays while Clinton speaks on the video.

"President Clinton knows better than anyone what a great president Senator Clinton will make and he is proud to make that case to voters," said Bill Clinton's communication director Jay Carson. The former president has been very active in his wife's campaign, holding fundraisers and raising millions around the country. He has maintained a low profile and has had limited public appearances. He was notably missing at the first Presidential Democratic Debates in South Carolina, and instead of being on stage with other spouses, he was holding a private fundraiser for his wife in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Bill Clinton is expected to take a more significant role in the campaign in the Fall.

Presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, says "Hillary Clinton may not necessarily need Bill Clinton's support." Smith notes Clinton has reestablished herself as the "clear frontrunner". He said, "the timing seems curious" to bring Bill Clinton out now when things are going seemingly so well.

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