Giuliani Doesn't Support Present Immigration Bill

ABC News' Jan Simmonds Reports: At an event Monday in New York City, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said he did not support the "present version" of congress' Immigration Bill.

The former New York Mayor said he would like for there to be a system or database that would allow the government to "know everybody who is in the United States, who comes here from a foreign country".

"If you make that your goal then everything follows from that or leads to that," he added. "There should be a tamper proof id card, biometric id card that everyone who comes here from a foreign country should have.  In order to make sure you identify everyone, in order to be secure."

Giuliani did hold out hope that through debate in Congress, the proper changes could be made to the bill.

"Let's see what happens in the debates they have now, the Senate has to debate it, the House as to debate it," said Giuliani. "Let's see if they can put something like that in, it that ends up giving us more security. The present version of the bill however ... I don't think that accomplishes that."

At the event Monday, Giuliani received the endorsement of the New York State Republican Party. Tuesday in Albany he is scheduled to be endorsed by state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, state Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco and other GOP state lawmakers.

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