Clinton Announces Campaign Song in Sopranos-Themed Video

ABC News' Rick Klein reports: Give Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton an A-plus for production value -- and pop-culture street cred.

In announcing her campaign’s theme song on, the Clinton camp has recreated much of the final scene in the last episode of "The Sopranos." The now-famous Journey song is playing, Bill Clinton munches on carrot sticks -- instead of onion rings -- and Chelsea Clinton is said to be trying to parallel park outside, a la Meadow Soprano.  Watch the video HERE.

The Clinton camp even got Vince Curatola -- "Johnny Sack" himself -- to make a cameo, shooting Bill and Hillary a menacing look.

"Everybody in America wants to know how it's going to end," the former president says, as Senator Clinton flips through the choices on the tableside jukebox.

"Ready?" she says -- and the screen abruptly cuts to black. . . .

For the record, the winner is: "You and I," by Celine Dion. Probably not Tony’s first choice, but still, a brilliant way to unveil a campaign song.

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