Clinton Says Being Outraised Would Mean ‘Nothing . . . Nothing at All’

ABC News' Teddy Davis, Leigh Hartman, and Nik Bonovich Reports: With the second quarter fundraising period quickly drawing to its June 30 close, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., downplayed the significance of potentially being outraised by Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

"It would mean nothing to my campaign. Nothing at all," said Clinton. "You know, when I ran in 2000, I was outraised two-to-one. And we're going to do really well. I hope other Democrats do well because that shows the appetite for change. But for me, all I care about is that we're going to have the resources we need to run a winning campaign, and we will."

ABC News has asked the Clinton camp to explain the computation that the senator was using in making her claim that she was "outraised two-to-one" in her 2000 Senate race and is awaiting a response. According to, Clinton was outraised by former Rep. Rick Lazio, R-N.Y., (he raised $39,020,511 as compared to her $30,153,926) but the ratio was not the "two-to-one" which Clinton claimed.

The former first lady made her comments after picking up the endorsement of Sen. Bob Menendez's, D-N.J., at the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. She had concluded the question and answer period and was exiting the room when she returned to the podium to answer one final question about second-quarter money. 

The second quarter report, which covers the three-month period from April 1 to June 30, is due at the Federal Election Commission on July 15.

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