All-nighter atmospherics and the chauffeur John McCain

ABC News Z. Byron Wolf reports: While technically the Republican in charge of managing the bill on the Senate Floor during tonight's all-nighter, Sen, John McCain left the Capitol building for a while just before 9pm Tuesday night.

Times have been tough for the Arizona Republican, who has suffered difficult fundraising and visible staff defections from his beleaguered Presidential campaign.

Its unclear if McCain has also transitioned to a leaner Senate staff or if he gave some people the long night off, but tv cameras outside the capitol building spied McCain walking alone down the Senate steps.

He asked what all the cameras were doing (and was told they were waiting for a flock of Democrats to march en-masse to an anti-war rally before reting to the senate floor to debate the troop drawdown amendment that McCain opposes).

McCain said he would be back to the all-nite session before 2am. Then he got into the driver seat of his cadillac parked in front of the capitol building, turned the car on, and began to drive away. The tv cameras were still rolling on his every move.

After moving a slight bit, cameras still rolling, Mccain stopped the car and put on his safety belt and then drove off. Safety First.

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