Edwards' 'Hairy' Video Ad

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson reports: Former Sen. John Edwards' video submission that aired during Monday night's YouTube/CNN debate is turning out to be "hair-raisingly" successful. 

This morning there were nearly 25,000 views of the clip on YouTube, the popular video sharing website --  nearly three times as many views of the debate videos by '08 Democratic rivals, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.,  and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

The 30-second video begins with a montage of different types of hair, then quickly shows images of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; President George W. Bush with a "Mission Accomplished" banner; a burning Iraq and people stranded on the roofs of their houses in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The video is produced to the tune of "Hair" recorded by the original cast of the musical by the same name. A graphic at the end of the ad asks, "What really matters?"

The ad is subtle a dig at the widespread media coverage of two $400 haircuts Edwards received during the campaign.  Edwards' hair was also the subject of an unauthorized video posted to YouTube featuring him combing his hair to the tune of "I Feel Pretty."

However, the Edwards YouTube video ad that aired Monday night is proving that Edwards is attempting some damage control, and reminding viewers of the issues he's trying to focus his campaign platform on.

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