Flip Flop Flap at the White House

ABC News' Ann Compton Reports:  Apparently VIP visitors to the West Wing of the White House have to dress up, even to see the empty Oval Office without the President around.  A new sign –- banning jeans and flip flops -- cropped up for all to see at the northwest gate of the White House where staff, press, and appointments enter the West Wing. 

In no-nonsense tones, it reminds that guests expecting to be given a glimpse of the Cabinet Room or Roosevelt Room won't get in the door if they are wearing tank tops, shorts, or even sneakers.

West Wing Tour Dress Code Those not appropriately dressed and wearing the following will not be allowed to tour the West Wing: jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops

Summer tourists, who are usually decked out in exactly those items, don't get in at all. Public tours entering from the East gate were suspended after Sept 11th, although some lucky visitors can snag tickets to a self-guided walk through from their Congressional representatives.  For a look at the East Room and the state floor, there is no dress code in place.

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