Thompson: '08 Candidacy Not Expected in August

ABC News' Christine Byun Reports: Appearing at the top of Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes", still-unannounced GOP presidential contender Fred Thompson said he will probably not announce his presidential candidacy in August, explaining it's "kind of a down month - not much going on" but urged supporters to "keep their powder dry."

He acknowledged that "it takes awhile" for a political organization to come together, but did not mention (and was not asked) about recent staffing changes.

Of recent media speculation about his experience as a trial lawyer and attention to his wife, Thompson said the reports are surfacing because he is "not playing by their rules" by going at his "own pace" waiting to officially announce his intention to seek the Republican nomination.

He also took the opportunity to comment on the back-and-forth between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama by putting both down.  He specifically needled Clinton describing her as appealing to a base that is "more and more left."

Thompson said: "Everybody is kind of scrambling to go off that left-wing cliff, and she's trying to make sure no one gets to the left of her." He added that the did not think Clinton's strategy was going to help her win the general election. When Hannity asked him about his potential Republican opponents, Thompson declined to specifically talk about their differences, saying "it's extremely important that we come out unified after this election."

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