Kucinich Campaigns For Peace

ABC News' Alyssa Kim Reports: Running on his doctrine of "strength through peace," Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Dennis Kucinich called on the United States to be the leader in nuclear abolition.

"I think we have to get rid of nuclear weapons," said Kucinich D-Ohio, appearing on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos". "The idea that somehow by having nuclear weapons you make the world a safer place is essentially insane."

Kucinich defended his proposals for a not-for-profit health care system and immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, saying he is the only candidate representing the concerns of Americans.

"The center has shifted in our politics," Kucinich said. "I'm really at the center. And all the other candidates are to the right of me, and they're to the right of the American people."

Kucinich also responded to questions from Stephanopoulos about two 2006 editorials from Ohio newspapers criticizing Kucinich for his decision to run and saying the congressman’s chase for the presidential nomination took priority over his constituents. Kucinich defended his political career and said his constituents were "well-served."

"It's the experience that I've had from Cleveland that enables me to be president," Kucinich said, "because let me tell you, the needs of Cleveland, Ohio, are widespread and they're synonymous with the needs of the people of the United States."

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