Clinton Picks Up Evan Bayh Endorsement

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton today received the endorsement of an Illionois Democrat often mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick: Sen. Evan Bayh.

Asked if Bayh was a possible choice for Vice President, Clinton (non)answered: "I think it goes without saying his record of public service is extraordinary – I have the highest of respect for him." She spoke about their experience together when President Clinton and Senator Bayh were both Governors, and also spoke about their recent trip to Iraq, as well as serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee together.

On news of the day, Clinton responded to Columbia University's decision allowing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak today and said that she condemned Ahmadinejad visiting ground zero during his visit to the UN General Assembly meeting in NY.  Clinton also spoke about the UAW strike and stressed the need for presidential leadership with the auto industry.

Earlier in the event, Bayh introduced Clinton on stage, but first took a riff at Republican hopeful Rudy Giuliani and introduced his wife. Bayh said that having her there would reduce the risk of interruptions from cell phone calls.

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