Craig Reconsiders Resigning, After Specter Shows Support

ABC News' Tahman Bradley Reports: Idaho Sen. Larry Craig (R) is rethinking his decision to step down September 30 as he battles to reverse a guilty plea following an arrest in a Minnesota airport men's room.

"As he stated on Saturday, Senator Craig intends to resign on September 30th. However, he is fighting these charges, and should he be cleared before then, he may, and I emphasize may, not resign," Craig spokesman Dan Whiting told ABC News.

Craig, who has represented the state of Idaho for 27 years in Congress, first in House and now in the Senate, announced Saturday that he would resign amid pressure from members of his own party to step down in the wake of the scandal.

Whiting told ABC News that Craig found motivation to fight for his job and reputation after Sen. Arlen Specter R-Pa., showed he was in Craig's corner Sunday saying Craig had resigned prematurely.

"I'd still like to see Senator Craig fight this case, Specter said on "Fox News Sunday". "I'd like to see Larry Craig go back to court, seek to withdraw his guilty plea and fight the case."

The senator has a long way to go in earning back the support of Republicans who moved swiftly to denounce Craig's allegedly actions. Both President Bush and the leading Republican in the Senate Mitch McConnell R-Ky., called Craig's move to resign "the right decision."

Craig did not show up to his office in Washington, DC Tuesday and will not be in tomorrow either, Whiting said Tuesday night.

Craig's children said Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" that their father was not gay and was a victim of circumstance.

Craig was arrested on June 11 and pled guilty on August 8 to disorderly conduct.

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