Elizabeth Edwards and Bill O’Reilly An Unlikely Alliance?

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson reports: Right winged cable host Bill O’Reilly played fairy godfather to Elizabeth Edwards, after members of the blogosphere clipped the wings of one of their favorite goddesses.

After Elizabeth Edwards took issue with MoveOn.org saying, “Someone who’s spent their life in the military doesn’t deserve ‘General Betray Us,’� influential progressive blogger Jane Hamsher posted an open letter to Elizabeth asking her to lay off MoveOn.Org.

“Here’s the rule. You never repeat right wing talking points to attack your own, ever. You never enter that echo chamber as a participant. Ever. You never give them a hammer to beat the left with. Just don’t do it,� wrote Hamsher, expressing her disappoint in Elizabeth given the support the netroots has thrown behind her and her husband, John Edwards’ campaign.

“She is telling this woman, Mrs. Edwards, you—this is what you do. You don’t ever, like she’s six years old,â€? said O’Reilly criticizing Hamsher’s tone during his show Monday evening. 

“I think this stuff is dangerous," added O'Reilly.  "I think these are fascist people. I think they're Nazis. I think that they're basically -- when you have a person like Elizabeth Edward, and you're talking to that person on a world wide Internet connection like this, I mean, come on.â€?

Those are pretty strong words from O’Reilly in defense of a person who wouldn’t accept an invitation to come on his show. 

Following Elizabeth’s famed fight with Ann Coulter this past June, Elizabeth made an appearance on Good Morning America defending her call to Coulter to stop the personal attacks.

That same evening, O’Reilly had Coulter on as guest where during the interview he revealed an unsuccessful attempt to get Elizabeth on The O’Reilly Factor.

“We called Elizabeth Edwards. And we said, ‘you know we’re real interested in this personal attack stuff because we have a problem with that on the left. Would you come on, either sit, you know, on a set, or on the phone?’ ‘No.’ Now, I’m saying to myself, wait a minute, you call into a program that no one watches, alright. And you have a point, no one watches. She’s- nobody sees this. I’m giving you a forum where ten million people on radio and TV are going to see it and you say no."

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