Steps on another "Fred's" Toes

ABC News' Christine Byun reports: Republican Candidate Fred Thompson's website - - has stepped on another Fred's toes.

The campaign's site is currently calling for submissions to rename its audio and video section, which was formerly titled "FredCast," because a cycling website ( is christened with the same name. The “original� FredCast owner is actually named David Bernstein, a cycling enthusiast who records weekly podcasts and blogs about the latest biking gear for fellow “Freds,� a term he says refers to someone "who is very much into cycling and into the technology of cycling."

Bernstein says he came across Thompson's "FredCast" and contacted the campaign in August. In that letter, which he also posted on his site, he chided the campaign for not doing a "simple Google and/or iTunes search" and asked the campaign to "immediately change the name of your podcast to something which does not infringe on my well-earned mark." After speaking with a campaign lawyer on Monday, they agreed Bernstein - who had been using the name for about two years - would keep his FredCast.

“I am just a podcaster, if you will … and this is a presidential candidate and I thought, will they respond? Will they take this seriously?� Bernstein says he wondered. “But, they did treat me respectfully and they did take action.�

So, Fred – the one running for President – might be able to count on Bernstein’s vote. Bernstein – who identifies himself as a conservative Republican – says he hasn't made up his mind quite yet. Even before the naming brouhaha, he says he's "probably closer to a Thompson supporter" based on what he knows of the candidate.


"Whether I support him or not, he cannot use my name," Bernstein says.

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