Giuliani Ad: Clinton Turned Back on Troops

ABC News' Jan Simmonds Reports:  The Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign launched their first Internet ad Friday targeting Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. 

The web ad, entitled "She Changed," accuses the democratic frontrunner of changing her position on Iraq and "turning her back" on America's troops. 

The ad uses video of Sen. Clinton's comments in 2002 supporting military action in Iraq to juxtapose her current stand that invading Iraq was the wrong decision for the United States and that the surge is not working.

The internet video also charges that Clinton "stood silently by" when ran their "venomous ad" in The New York Times on Monday, famously calling General Petreaus, "General Betray Us."

The ad narrator demands for Clinton to "apologize for your comments and condemn the ad."

Giuliani bought his own full-page ad in Friday's editions of the New York Times, attacking's ad, and calling on politicians from both parties to stop spewing "political venom."

The campaign, which has not yet aired an advertisement on television, currently has no plans to make a television buy for "She Changed."

The tables turn on Giuliani on Monday when he becomes the subject of an ad by, the anti-war advocacy group.

That ad, which will air in Iowa next week, accuses Giuliani of shirking his responsibilities while a member of the Iraq Study Group, formed by President Bush to offer suggestions on Iraq war policy.

"The former mayor was asked to leave the prestigious committee because of his frequent absences. Rather than meeting his obligation to the group," read a statement about the ad by Eli Pariser, Political Action's executive director.  "Giuliani spent his time collecting high fees for speaking engagements all over the country ... when Rudy had the chance to support our troops, he left them high and dry. Now that's a true betrayal of trust."

Giuliani Communications Director Katie Levinson has released the following statement about's forthcoming ad.

"Being attacked by the Democratic character assassination machine is something Rudy Giuliani will wear as a badge of honor.  This is, after all, the same liberal group whose website compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler, the same liberal group that wanted no military response in the aftermath of September 11th and the same liberal group that consistently opposes funding for our troops in the theater of war," the Giuliani campaign statement read.

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