Giuliani Previews NRA Speech, Continues Focus on Hillary

ABC News’ Jan Simmonds Reports: Fresh from his trip across the pond, Rudy told reporters this afternoon that when he goes before the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Friday, he plans to focus on the subjects they both agree upon.

"The reality is, that there are certain agreements and disagreements with every single group. So tomorrow when I go before the NRA I am gonna emphasize the areas in which we have a great deal of agreement," said Giuliani after joking about how his past statements regarding gun control may be used against him.

""Like I have said many times, my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. There probably isn’t a group in America that I can go before where there aren’t some disagreements with that group. So they are going to decide ultimately who they support, either as a group or individually," he later went on to add. "So I am going to emphasize the areas in which we are in agreement of which that is probably 8 or 9 out of ten areas."

During that speech on Friday, Giuliani said he planned to share with the NRA’s members the details of his plan to reduce criminal gun use.

"I think right now the best approach is to focus on what can be done on the state and local levels to deal with criminals who use guns," explained Giuliani. "… And I am going to outline that in great detail, well not in great detail but in some detail tomorrow."

Later in the press availability, the former New York City Mayor turned his attention to Sen. Hillary Clinton D-N.Y. and her vote in the Senate today against renouncing’s New York Times advertisement on September 11th.

"It is astounding that you would vote no on that and seem to be a candidate for President of the United States," said Giuliani referring to the ad that called General Petreaus "General Betray Us".

"The attack on General Petreaus is so beyond the pale, so beyond anything a Democrat or Republican should do, that it seems to be that one way in which you would distinguish yourself as being able to be, at least on some things, beyond partisanship is to stand up to vicious horrible attacks upon a man who is a patriot."

Giuliani added that down the line, he thought Clinton’s vote today was "something the American voters will ultimately take into serious consideration."

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