Lieberman Blasts Moveon; Petraeus Goes on FOX

ABC News' Jake Tapper Reports: Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., is challenging the Democratic leadership to denounce's attack on Gen. Petraeus in a New York Times ad, in which the liberal antiwar group refers to him as "General Betray-us.""We must reject the slander of this brave soldier and patriot," says Lieberman, who called the labeled the ad "an outrageous and despicable act of slander."White House spokesperson Tony Snow chimed, saying, "It's a boorish, childish, unworthy attack," before also calling on members of Congress to condemn the ad.After months of speculation, Petraeus testifies Monday on the status of the troop surge in Iraq. Although Petraeus is expected to call for a small drawdown in troops as early as December, the report will likely make the case that the United States should delay any decision to make substantial cuts in troops levels. But a new ABC News poll of Iraqis shows widespread dissatisfaction with the troop surge.  In between Hill appearances on both the Senate and House sides, Petraeus will also appear on FOX News for an hour-long interview with Brit Hume.  That decision has also raised Democratic suspicions but Petraeus spokesman Col. Steve Boylan tells ABC News:"All networks were contacted for a potential early interview and the stipulation was that it would need to be a longer format than regular newscasts or just a little longer than normal.  Only two networks responded with options.  One was CNN with Larry King Live and one was Fox News with a special with Brit Hume.  It was decided to go with Brit Hume for no other reason than audience reach to the American public.  Their audience reach was at least double that of Larry King for the same time slot. Based on the length of the testimony today, we had time for only one long-format show."President Bush is expected to address the nation later this week to announce changes, if any, he will make to the Iraq strategy.

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