Thompson Raises More Than $8 Million in Q3

ABC News' Christine Byun Reports: Fred Thompson's presidential campaign will report raising more than $8 million in the third quarter of this year, according to Thompson campaign Deputy Communications Director Karen Hanretty.

Since announcing his candidacy on September 5 on NBC's "The Tonight Show," Thompson has been going to his homestate of Tennessee for the bulk of his presidential fundraisers.

This past week, the former senator spent Thursday and Friday at fundraisers in five different cities in Tennesse, plus one in Mississippi.

On Friday, Thompson sent out an email to supporters asking them to "help [them] finish strong" by contributing by Sunday's fundraising deadline.

Last week, he spent some time raising cash in Texas and Florida.

Thompson's website,, features an online contest to see which hometown can raise the most money.

According to the site, the five top ONLINE fundraising towns are: Lookout Mountain, TN; Gilbert, AR; Adams, TN; Eagleville, TN; Fredonia, ND. (The cities are judged by donations per capita, by the way) The winning town gets a "special opportunity to visit with Fred in your hometown" with those who contributed.

The Thompson campaign knows they will not win the money battle, but they say they also expect to spend less. Thompson has, numerous times, said he has saved millions by announcing later than his competitors.

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