Campaign Cheerleader: Meet the Woman who Coined the Obama Chant

Meet the Woman who Coined the Obama Chant

ABC News Sunlen Miller Reports: Fresh off a four day swing though Iowa, Senator Obama got a little southern hospitality in two high school gymnasiums in Aiken and Rock Hill, South Carolina, packing the house at about 2,000 people.

Smiling as he admitted he’s "preaching a new kind of politics" the Senator addressed the mainly African American crowds with his standard stump speech, highlighting himself as the candidate for change.

But it was a special surprise guest star who stole the show in Aiken.

Edith Childs. Edith who?

Mrs. Childs, a council woman in Greenwood, South Carolina, is attributed with coining Obama’s unofficial campaign chant, "fire it up, ready to go!" which has turned into a common saying since it’s inception earlier this year.

Senator Obama regularly ends nearly every stump speech with a story about how Mrs. Childs, months ago at a campaign stop in Greenwood, SC shifted his mood, bringing him from a "tired, wet, sleepy and angry" mood to one full of energy.

Mrs. Childs, standing just 5 foot 2, had interrupted the Senators speech with her personal chant "fire it up , ready to go."

She got the whole room, and Senator Obama, to join in, pumping excitement and energy into the room.

The Senator, since then, has used Mrs. Childs as an example on how one person can change the campaign, "So if one voice can change a room, then it can change a city, then it can change state, then it can change a country, then it can change the world."

So at the campaign stop in Aiken, the presence of Mrs. Childs has especially poignant for the Senator as he pulled her on stage to lead the crowd in the now well-known creed of the Obama campaign.

To which the crowd yelled back, "fired up, ready to go!"

Following his two city stop in South Carolina, the Senator will attend church on Sunday morning in Greenville, South Carolina.

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