Edwards Picks of NH SEIU Endorsement

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson Reports: Former Sen John Edwards D-N.C., has picked up the endorsement of the New Hampshire Service Employee’s International Union.

"The executive board voted tonight to recommend to the membership to support Senator Edwards because of his strong voice for working family issues in New Hampshire," said Jay Ward, New Hampshire State Council Political Director in an interview with ABC News. "They believe that Sen. Edwards represents the best choice for SEIU members."

Last week members of the NH SEIU were divided in their support, deciding between Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama D-Ill. The political action committee, responsible for researching and meeting with the candidates voted last week to recommend Edwards to the executive board. The executive board however, showed a fair amount of support for Obama, and they decided to hold out on an endorsement.

On Saturday during the NH SEIU convention, Edwards won a straw poll conducted which confirmed the political education committee was accurate and reflecting the direction of the members.

Today's endorsement brings Edwards support from the second early nominating contest state as two weeks ago the Iowa SEIU endorsed Edwards ’08 bid.

Ward notes, "There are a lot of high quality candidates running and members believe that through their hard work and outreach to coworkers and their families, Sen. Edwards can be pushed along to winning the New Hampshire primary.

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