Edwards Slams Clinton, Romney on Iran

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson Reports: It’s become the dominant narrative of Democratic presidential contender John Edwards: criticizing Sen. Clinton on her recent vote to declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist threat.  Today in Iowa, Edwards sought to write the next chapter as the Bush administration announced new sanctions against the Iranian government.

At a town hall meeting in Corning, Iowa, Edwards slammed Clinton's vote telling voters she failed to stand up to the president.

“Sen. Clinton voted yes and she’s entitled to do that I just disagree with it and I disagree strongly with it.  You cannot give Bush and Cheney this kind of authority and here are the consequences of it,” said Edwards. He added: “Today, the administration declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization—the Bush administration—Bush and Cheney, and they said they’re also proliferating weapons of mass destruction.  So here we go again, sounds familiar doesn’t it.”

Edwards' criticisms weren’t limited to his Democratic rivals, as he took a shot a former governor Mitt Romney.  “I listen to Romney the Republican running for president and he said among other things he’d be willing to bombard Iran.  You expect that from Republicans, but the Democrats don’t need to be helping them.  We need to stand up to these people. We need to stop them and we need to be strong on our opposition."

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