I’m a woman: “Why Should I vote for you and not Hillary?�

ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: I’m a woman: “Why Should I vote for you and not Hillary?�

The simple yet definitive question came in Tipton, Iowa from a 65 year old woman, who commented that she’s seen a revolution in women’s rights, and for the first time the nation is finally faced with a serious female candidate for president.

Then she asked Senator Obama outright, very directly, “Why should I vote for you and not Hillary?�

After the increase of jabs between the top candidates for the Democratic nomination over the last couple of weeks, the question perked the ears of many.

“It involves a little more risk with me,� Senator Obama admitted, and said there’s more safety with Clinton.

Calling her a “known commodity�, Obama explained “(she’s) been around for a long time. Bill’s there, you know we kinda know what we’re gonna get.�

Senator Obama said this is exactly the problem with a vote for Clinton, that there would be no significant change, and offered himself up as a better choice to bring big change.

“If every move you’re making is based on a static politics, or you’re looking backwards and you’re saying ‘okay this is what the polls tell me, this is how much we have to maneuver, and this is how I don’t open myself to too much criticism from the republicans’. If that’s your strategy…..you are not going to deliver on the big challenges,� Obama continued.

But the shots at his Democratic opponent didn’t come without any flattery.

“Hillary Clinton is a very capable person. She’s smart. She’s tough.�

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