Obama Asked about Obama-Gore '08 Ticket

ABC News Sunlen Miller Reports: How Does an Obama-Gore Ticket Sound? Don't Hold Your Breath.

Democratic Senator of Illinois Barack Obama put to bed that question from a voter who donned a t-shirt reading, "Obama and Gore: Experience and Youth, Obama and Gore: Wisdom and Truth."

The supporter asked the '08 presidential hopeful if he would consider taking "the wind out of Hillary’s sails" by asking Nobel prize winner former Vice President Al Gore to be his running mate before the primaries.

"I can promise you that as president I will have him involved in our administration in a very senior capacity in his role," Obama responded that, "having won the Nobel peace prize and an Oscar that being Vice President again would be probably a step down for him."

Obama laughed that the voter would have made a good campaign manager.

Echoes of the previous election were also brought up at the same town hall in Dover, New Hampshire. A woman wanted to know how Obama would avoid getting swift boated and being "turned by the Republicans into a minstrel show."

Obama admitted that everyone was traumatized by what happened in the 2004 with Senator John Kerry but that his candidacy is different, "I don’t worry about getting swift boated. I guarantee you they will go after me, I mean they already started."

The Senator said he would have a different strategy to deal with attacks, "You have to respond forcefully, you have to respond immediately - and you have to respond truthfully. And we are prepared for whatever they throw at me and we will come right at them. "

Ready for battle Obama finished, "I played basketball and I’m skinny but the people I play with will tell you I don’t mind going down low and throwing elbows."

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