Obama Unplugged – Obama Talks With the MTV Generation

ABC News' Sunlen Miller Reports: The MTV/My Space dialogue with Sen. Barck Obama D-Ill., Monday may not have yielded such memorable moments a la the Bill Clinton "boxers or briefs" moment, but some lighter moments did made it into the mix.

Asked by a student at Coe College in Cedar Rapids who would play him in a movie, Obama responded with Will Smith, "because his ears match mine," referencing both of their large ears.

"In terms of my wife, there's no body that good looking," Obama retorted as to who might play his wife, Michelle Obama.

Asked about his newest opponent for the Democratic nomination, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, Obama joked, "I’m going for the Jon Stewart endorsement to off set the Colbert factor."

Saying that he and Colbert would have a "grit off" in South Carolina, Obama said Colbert's candidacy says something about the way that young people get their news, and the larger main stream media. Obama urged for more straight talk on the nightly news, "if I were running the networks…I would puncture the hypocrisy that seems so prevalent in the political process."

When asked if he'd be willing to run on the ticket with senator Clinton, either as her Vice President, or vice versa, Obama responded flatly, "no, because I’m not running for Vice President, I’m running for president of the United States."

The forum was also a prime time to ask about Obama's reported intention to step up his aggressiveness in showing differences with Senator Clinton. When asked how he could do this while still retaining the positive message of the "politics of hope" which Obama pushed early on in the campaign, Obama responded that the politics of hope "Is not based on just all of us holding hands and singing kumbaya….she and I have differences, and it’s important to know what those differences are, as long as there’s nothing personal about it."

Obama was also asked about the controversy after having a gospel singer, Donnie McClurkin, who made anti-gay comments in the past, appear at an Obama event this past weekend.

Saying he disagrees with McClurkin's views Obama replied that he wants to reach out to those who have a different attitude on these ideas, "We’ve got to get beyond some of the homophobia that still exists."

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