Swing and a Miss: Dodd Fundraiser Strikes Out

ABC News' Donna Hunter Reports: Major League Baseball sent a curveball flying to Sen. Chris Dodd's campaign, which had planned a raffle for contributors hoping to win two big league playoff tickets.

The Connecticut Democrat, a life-long Red Sox fan, had planned on raffling off the tickets to watch the Boston Red Sox play the Cleveland Indians for the American League Championship Series, but Major League Baseball says it's against the rules.

Dodd spokesman Hari Sevugan said, "This isn't quite Bucky Dent or Aaron Boone, but we are disappointed nonetheless. Senator Dodd was looking forward to spending a night watching the Red Sox take on the Indians at Fenway Park, but unfortunately Major League Baseball's rules are such that the contest cannot continue."

"We will still be cheering on the Red Sox every step of the way to the World Series, and look forward to inviting someone to spend a day on the trail with Chris Dodd," Sevugan continued.

As for those who were in it for the love of the game and not the campaign trial -- not to worry, the Dodd campaign will fully refund the $20.04 donation. The price tag represents the last time the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.

To the fans who couldn't swing the donation's cost and instead recruited 24 friends to support the campaign in order to qualify -- there's still a chance you'll still have 24 people who are annoyed at you.

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