Thompson Ads attack Romney, Giuliani

ABC News' Christine Byun reports: In new internet ads expected to be released soon, former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson declares he is the “real Conservative” of the Republican presidential candidates.

The ads will display the former actor/lawyer's picture with the caption, “Support the Real Conservative,” along with a link for online donations to his presidential campaign.

The ads specifically question the anti-abortion records of fellow Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani, piecing together quotes and pictures from the respective candidates. The ads also declare Thompson’s latest pitch: “I was a proud conservative yesterday, I remain one today, and I will be one tomorrow.”

As Thompson and the other contenders for the GOP nomination plan to attend the upcoming Values Voters Summit, Thompson has been trying to establish himself as the “real” and "consistent conservative" candidate of the race. On Monday, he criticized the former New York City mayor on his hometurf, attacking Giuliani’s conservative credentials, specifically for seeking the support of the Liberal Party as a mayoral candidate. While addressing the Club for Growth in Washington DC, Thompson again attempted to throw some elbows at Giuliani, and also at Romney. Thompson boasted that he is “the most proven tax cutter and pro-growth guy running for president this year,” stating his support for tax cuts while serving in the Senate. However, Thompson – whose campaign sent out “delivered” remarks which were not actually read at the event by the candidate – failed to launch its intended sting. Instead, Thompson stated his record and, without mentioning specific names or dropping bolder accusations, merely alluded to “others” who, he says, opposed cuts.

Meanwhile, the Giuliani camp defended themselves from the comments both delivered (and undelivered), maintaining that "in the real New York City - not the one on TV - Rudy Giuliani cut taxes 23 times."

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