Clinton Compares Herself to 1920's Film Actress

ABC News' Eloise Harper Reports: Bob Vila, the home improvement guru and "This Old House" star, came to the rescue in New Hampshire Wednesday afternoon. While unveiling the third part of her energy speech (focusing on shared- responsibility) Senator Clinton completely lost her voice. She whispered her way though the last lines of the speech "If the car uses flex fuel, which is 85-percent ethanol you can travel 500 miles per gallon," Clinton coughed. "Plus you can charge your car at night." A baby cried out, Clinton said "Thank you."

"I sound like Tallulah Bankhead," the Senator from New York whispered in a raspy, voice sounding like the 1920's movie star. "Hang in there!" a man shouted from the crowd. Clinton laughed and said, "I will. That's one thing you know about me I hang in there."

Vila has endorsed Clinton for president. The two sat on stage and discussed Clinton's plan, and spoke about things individuals can do such as replacing light bulbs, insulating your water heater with an insulation blanket, and planting trees were some of the ideas that Clinton suggested. Vila had to take over a few times and help explain ways to be energy efficient, while Clinton sipped tea to nurse her ailing voice.

"President Bush famously said after 9/11 said 'go shopping,' I'll say 'go green,'" Clinton said to the audience in Peterborough, N.H.

Clinton has created a citizen pledge on her website to "ask Americans to take concrete steps to help meet the twin challenges of global warming and dependence on foreign oil." Other elements of Clinton's plan includes: Giving individuals new tools to asses their communities fight against global warming, decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and helping homeowners improve the energy efficiency in their homes.

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