Clinton & Obama: Who “Flunked” on Health Insurance?

ABC's Eloise Harper and Sunlen Miller Report: The latest round of sparring over healthcare between Democratic presidential candiates Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took a heated shift with both calling out the other "flunking" on health insurance.

Senator Clinton, in Ankey Iowa, launched one of her strongest assaults of her main opponents health care plan. "Senator Obama's plan does not and can not cover all Americans...He has called his plan universal, then he has called it ‘virtually universal,’ but it simply does not deserve that label. And when it comes to truth and labeling it simply flunks the test."

Clinton criticized Obama for suggesting that their plans were similar, "He is saying there is no difference between our plans – but his plan would leave at least 15 million Americans uninsured, including more than 100,000 people right here in Iowa. So why don’t we just say everybody against the wall you don’t get insurance."

The Obama campaign responded to Clinton’s speech with statement by press secretary Bill Burton, "Demonizing anyone who doesn’t share her exact plans on health care is exactly why Hillary Clinton flunked the opportunity she had to pass universal health care in 1993."

Burton went on to say that Obama’s health care plan makes coverage affordable for all Americans, "He just doesn’t agree with Hillary’s plan to start by forcing everyone to buy insurance they can’t afford."

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